A non-profit organization, the Panamerican Confederation Of Petanque’s main mission is to promote and develop petanque within its member federations.

Created in 2009, the CPP started off with 2 members (USA and Canada) until being joined by 3 more nations in 2012 at the qualifying American Championship for the Men’s World Championship in Marseille (USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and Bermuda). Since then, Chile, Cuba and Dominican Republic also joined the Panam.

The CPP is composed by the national petanque federations of North, Central, and South America. The official languages of the CPP are French, English and Spanish.

The CPP’s mission:

-Promote and develop petanque within its member federations.

-Favor and promote friendly relations and cooperation between the member federation to develop petanque through team work.

-Regulate panamerican competitions that fall under its responsibility. These competitions may be organized by the CPP itself or by each member federation.

In order to label a competition as “panamerican”, it is the CPP’s responsibility to define the organizational criteria of said competition

-Harmonize the calendars of championships and main competitions. To achieve this, the CPP will rely on the following:

Regular meetings, assistance to affiliated national federations, publication of newsletters and other communications destined to promote the game, and the organization of panamerican competitions.

In full expansion in America, petanque has charmed thousands of Americans and Canadians since its creation. Its growth has accelerated within the last few years with the arrival of new nations into the CPP such as Mexico, Argentina, Bermuda, Chile, Haiti, Cuba and Dominican Republic.

Strategic and fun, petanque offers several advantages:

  • Affordable
  • Open to everyone
  • Convivial
  • Unifying sport
  • Develops critical thinking
  • Team spirit
  • Focus & endurance
  • Tolerance & respect